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    Sunbird Sacco - Promoting a Saving Culture

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    Furnish your home - Get a Loan from us

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    A workforce with the view to maximizing shareholders’ return

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Welcome to Sunbird Sacco

Sunbird Saving and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) is a payroll based cooperative. It was formed with an aim of making its members to be self reliant financially by instilling in them a saving culture while obtaining low cost loans. The SACCO is member owned and serves over 1,000 members across Malawi. In 2012, Sunbird SACCO opened its bond to allow employees of other organizations to join. Several organisations’ employees have now started enjoying the fruits of being a Sunbird SACCO member. We offer various loans and savings products in order to uplift our members’ lives.

Benefits of Membership

  • Sunbird Sacco relieves an organization of the burden of administering loans to its employees
  • In case of death, member’s loan is written off and beneficiaries receive double the amount of deceased shares (maximum of 500,000 shares)
  • Loans are disbursed quickly
  • No charges for maintaining savings account
  • Sunbird SACCO offers competitive interest rates on all products
  • Profit realised at the end of the financial year is shared among members in form of dividends
  • Short loan processing time
  • We offer personalized services and we have flexible terms
  • Sunbird SACCO savings products are an easy way of planning for the future

Have questions about our product?

If you have any questions about our products or would like to query about your existing account feel free to contact us today right here.
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Providing Quality Services

Sunbird SACCO exists to promote a saving culture amongst its members through savings mobilization and the provision of affordable and flexible financial products and services.

Loan Products

Savings Products


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